Reflections of The Promise

reflectionsI know I can do all of this on my own.  Yet deeper still and throughout my being, I yearn for the fulfillment of The Promise.

The Promise of a compeer who understands me (and who I understand) on all levels. Someone with a similar sense of humor who also smiles easily and laughs like I imagine Buddha would laugh. The Promise of a compatriot who can also see through the illusions of this world, and easily holds me accountable for my part in it. A man of equivalent spiritual understanding who is honest first and foremost, even if it seems blunt to others. This man, The Promise, accepts me in my truth, even if it seems blunt to others.  The love between us is reciprocated and respectful. Some thoughts are shared without the need for words. That, my friends, is The Promise in a nutshell.

The Promise: I see your reflections in the smiles, compassion, truth and laughter of others. The lifeguard who turns to wave to me as I leave the pool reflects a piece of you. The woman who waves me on while she waits patiently reflects a piece of you. The belly laughter at lunch break that I share with my co-workers reflects a piece of you. The support I receive from my dearest friends as I travel down the road of life reflects a piece of you.  Yes, I know you are here. I see reflections of The Promise of you everywhere.

While I wait for you to reveal yourself I work on myself. This is my greatest gift to you: a happier and healthier me. I clear away the feelings of worthlessness, sadness, guilt, anger, shame and fear that often reveal themselves when I feel you draw near.

The more I clear on my own, the brighter my beacon will shine. More importantly I know that once together our real work will begin in no time. And right now, that sounds a bit scary, so I know that it’s not yet time for us to meet. Until then, I hear The Promise of you from the whispers of the wind.


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