May we be free of this: Tonglen Meditation

Freedom. Freedom from pain. Freedom from suffering. Freedom from that which no longer serves. Freedom from attachment. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to be.

Can you guess what my “word of the year” might be?  I’ll give you three chances and only the first one is right… Yes, it is freedom.

After seeing The Elephant Journal article about Tonglen Meditation in February and watching the last two videos posted below, I have used the simplicity and beauty of this meditation to gain freedom for myself and others on a daily basis. This was reinforced recently when one of my favorite author’s, Tom Grasso, posted the first YouTube video below in one of his blogs. These are two variations of the same meditation.

Pema Chodron, a well known American Buddhist Nun, explains how we can use Tonglen Meditation to improve the lives of others in this YouTube video:

I encourage you to take the time to watch this video, or the series of two below.  This meditation can be life altering for you and others if you take the effort to make this part of your daily practice.  This meditation is so simple and it can change your life, freeing you and others from our suffering.

May we be free of this…

Pema Chodron explains the story of Tonglen Meditation:

Pema Chodron explains Tonglen Meditation in Practice:


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