Reblog: Give Me a 100 Proof Love -Or Nothing At All

I could not have said this more beautifully or eloquently myself. Thank you, Kate Rose!


I simply love myself and my life with a unbridled never ending passion, and it’s that same passionate love that I would extend to someone I was involved with. The love that we have for ourselves and the love that we are able to extend to another is really one and the same.

This is the key. When we can show ourselves unconditional love, then we wouldn’t expect anything less from anyone else. I already know that I am worthy and deserving of the love of others—I don’t see it as my job to try to prove that to someone else. If someone doesn’t love me, or find the value in who I am as a person then those are the very people that don’t belong in my life.

I’ve come to realize that the very love we seek, and the one that we deserve the most, is also the very one we won’t have to convince anyone of. We won’t have to feel torn, or stuck between what we want and what someone else is willing to give us. We won’t have to wonder or guess at what they are thinking or feeling—and we most certainly won’t feel fear that someone else would be able to steal them away from us.

100 Proof love isn’t casual, or traditional. It’s the kind of love that will stain our skin and leaves ashes in its wake. It will ruin us forever because after 100 proof, everything else just seems weak and transparent. A love like this is crazy wild beautiful; it’s bare skin and falling hot rain, it’s blueberry kisses and lemonade vodka, it’s the pulse of heat against our collar bone, and the desire that strums a beat throughout our entire body.

It’s the stuff of dreams, and the best we will ever have.

Give Me a 100 Proof Love -Or Nothing At All.

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