Missing Out

ID-10035159When I rush, I miss the beauty of life that surrounds me.

I miss out on opportunities to play and to be myself.

I miss the sensation of the wind blowing in my hair.

I miss the beauty in my daughter’s smile.

I miss the beauty of what it feels like to be in my body.

I miss the sensations of my breath ebbing and flowing.

I miss the beauty of the setting sun as it drops behind the horizon.

I miss the beauty of being present in this very moment; the sweet smell of the rose misses my awareness.

Recognizing that rushing only causes me to be frustrated without improving my outcomes, I now choose to approach this life differently.

Just for this moment,  I choose to feel my feelings to their fullest, to breathe in and experience all of the beauty that surrounds my being.  I choose to be present in the now.  The gifts I receive are infinite.  I am grateful for my freedom to choose differently.


Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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