A few words about Karma and Gratitude

gerberdaisiesKarma is the idea of cause and effect. It seems to follow along the same lines as “The Law of Attraction.” Basically, the energy we send out into the world in the form of ideas, thoughts or actions, returns to us in a similar manner later in life (or future lifetimes if you believe in reincarnation).

However, it seems to me that most references in popular culture about Karma are negative. I often see and hear, “Karma will get you” type references, which seem to be far more prevalent than positive references to Karma, in general.

In attending a lecture by a local Buddhist nun this past weekend, I was reminded that Karma is often more positive than negative. She pointed out to attendees that there are many overlooked positive aspects of our lives that are attributable to Karma, just as much as the negative ones are. Paraphrasing, she stated that “everything good in your life is from your positive Karma.” She encouraged us to have more gratitude for our Karma, particularly the parts we liked.

After speaking with her, I have begun to pay more attention to how much I do take the “good” in my life for granted. Even with a daily gratitude journal and the habit of giving gratitude for the positive aspects of my life as I live it throughout my day, I often forget that there is so much positive in my life. (if you are struggling with this idea right now in your own life, then I encourage you to pick up and read the BBC or other international newspaper for a few minutes.)

In the lecture, we were also reminded that we get more of what we focus on.  So the more we focus on what is wrong in our lives, the more we create “negative” Karma. The more we focus on the positive aspects of our lives and give gratitude for it, we create more “positive” Karma. To me, Karma sounds more and more like the “Law of Attraction,” with the more I write and think about it.

My new practice is to write down 5 unique things for which I am grateful in my gratitude journal every morning. This practice has replaced my nightly gratitude journal which would be a page that reflected about 95% of what I said I was grateful for the previous night (it was my goal each night to fill a page of gratitude). I needed this at first, because at first gratitude was a struggle for me. Now I’m looking for unique things each morning to record (I still express gratitude throughout my day). These are just two examples of ways to record gratitude.

I encourage you to find a way to journal your own gratitude in whatever way works best for you. Gratitude is important as it is a great way to open your heart to more compassion both for yourself and others, as well as a great way to focus more on what you like in your life, so that you may have more of it to enjoy.

So gain more positive Karma points and attract more of what you want in life: be grateful!

Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests. –Deepak Chopra


2 thoughts on “A few words about Karma and Gratitude

  1. I really like this, did you find that you were repeating or rewriting the same things when you first started? There is so much to be grateful for. I Sometimes think folks who read my posts must think I’m a real downer but not true. When it’s rough though it’s intense and at this point that is when I write. Yup , said this before but I need to start with your first post and work my way to the present. Even the ones I reread, I learn more from. Thank you Tiffany for being you and sharing so openly and honestly, You truly are an amazing woman! ❤️ Barney

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