Salt only hurts when there’s a wound

Someone else’s salt. Your wound and pain. Their salt didn’t your wound create. Their salt just revealed to you the opening, the break. Like a canary in the coal mine, The pain calls to you that Something is awry. Go to the pain. See it for what it is. Diving into the pain frees youContinue reading “Salt only hurts when there’s a wound”

The Dream of Freedom

This is from a dream I had over the weekend, followed by my interpretation of the dream’s message:  He was brought to me in chains. I was tasked with keeping him incarcerated until his ride to jail was arranged. As a mere citizen, I was intimidated. I knew not his crime. I knew not hisContinue reading “The Dream of Freedom”

Accepting the Resistance

There are things that each of us does not want to see or feel about ourselves and our lives. We push it away, sweep it under the rug or put our heads in the sand rather than seeing it for what it is. What we resist (or deny) persists,  regardless of what we do toContinue reading “Accepting the Resistance”

Too Much

Too much. Too loud. Too big. Too smart. Too much talking. Too quiet. Too many needs. Too many things. Too much food. Too much to drink. Too much thinking. Too much feeling. So I shrink my Voice, Body, Thoughts, Aspirations, Words, Silence, Needs, Possessions, Diet, Consumption, Thoughts, Feelings. All so that you might feel betterContinue reading “Too Much”

The Naked Truth

To be 100% true is to be naked. Perhaps that’s why it’s called the naked truth. I can no longer hide behind this mask. Behind these layers I’ve laid down. To show you who I am, I must, layer by layer, remove the armor. Separating the truth from the not requires cutting away. The knifeContinue reading “The Naked Truth”

Want Me; Don’t Need Me

I want you to want me. Just don’t for one bloody second need me. Walk next to me, equally. Just as we are. Accepting the truth. As trees stand together in the forest, each to each’s own whole and complete, yet by the presence of others supported. Walk with me through the valley. Where deathContinue reading “Want Me; Don’t Need Me”

Being Small No More

For many years of my life, I have chosen to do the things that made me feel small. I feared sticking my neck out, being too big, too loud, too much 0f anything. I drove a small, quiet car that was fuel efficient. I wanted to blend in. I wanted to hide. I feared beingContinue reading “Being Small No More”

Being Vulnerable to Become Stronger

Opening my heart, sharing my vulnerabilities and being 100% honest can feel much like being flayed alive. I hold the knife. The muscles ’round my throat tighten their grip as I breathe only into my chest, which tightens as I reveal another aspect that scares me about myself. This is far worse than public speaking.Continue reading “Being Vulnerable to Become Stronger”

Letting Go of Fears

It can sometimes be a challenge to dig under the veneer of our fears. There seems to be an emotional roadblock that can develop when we refuse to peer underneath the surface. On the other hand, freedom is easily granted to those who are willing to scratch the surface. Over the past weekend, I sawContinue reading “Letting Go of Fears”

Shifting: Choosing to change

This is a response to Shifting: Out of Focus.  I’ve made several shifts over the last two weeks to improve my routine, and my life. Shifting back into focus, I’ve started waking up 60-minutes earlier in the morning so as to not feel so rushed and to allow for me to start a morning self-careContinue reading “Shifting: Choosing to change”

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