The Dream of Freedom


This is from a dream I had over the weekend, followed by my interpretation of the dream’s message: 

He was brought to me in chains. I was tasked with keeping him incarcerated until his ride to jail was arranged. As a mere citizen, I was intimidated. I knew not his crime. I knew not his name. I just knew that he was to remain chained.

The law enforcement officer left him with me. All alone with the prisoner, I felt small and inadequate. Soon thereafter he began to escape his bonds.

Desperate, I tried to keep him down by climbing on his back. I called to other guests to call 911, they just looked at me and then kept walking. I tried to convince them of my plight and his danger, to no avail. Once I could no longer hold him down, I sat back and let him go.

Then, in the mystical way dreams transform, we were outside in the cold. There was a heated pool that we began to swim in, enjoying our new found freedom: mine from fear and his from being chained.

The more I got to know him, the more I liked him and wondered why he was ever being held in the first place. He was definitely not the monster I was told that he was. He just wanted to be acknowledged. He just wanted to be loved. To him, these were the keys to his freedom.


Dream Interpretation using the idea that each person in the dream represents a part of the dreamer:

This dream shows me where I am holding myself back. Someone has told me to fear myself, to hold myself back as a result. Without questioning this “authority,” I have held myself in bondage, even climbing onto my own back when I started to get free. I’ve called in others to help me to keep myself down, looking for reinforcements.

The part of me that I am holding back is ready to be freed. Once I can see, acknowledge and love this part of myself we are both free: free of fear and free of bondage.

In the seeming cold, I am able to swim freely in the warm waters of my emotions.

Conclusion: To free myself from myself, it is time to love and accept those parts of me that the “authorities” told me were a menace. Time to free myself from the bonds of my own construct, so that I may be free of fear, free of bondage and free to move easily through my own emotions.

Feel free to join me, the water is just fine!


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