The Seduction (mature)


In my dreams, day or night,
You call out to me.

In my mind, in my thoughts,
You play.

If I ignore you,
You press me further.

Submitting brings me peace,
You show me the way.

Removing each piece of clothing, bit by bit,
You command me to reveal myself.

Pressing me further and further each time,
You peel off more layers.

Vulnerable and bare naked,
You revel in my truth.

Just when I feel my limit is reached,

You take me further into the void.

From my fingertips,
You flow.

From my lips,
You form sounds.

In your trust I place myself,
You nare disappoint.

With each word I write,
You reveal to me more of myself.

I am grateful for the words,
You, my muse.


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