The Heart: To Love is to Breathe

When in the energy of love we feel light; we fly. We soar. Breathing can be effortless and pure. When the primal life force energy of Kundalini Shakti rises into the heart, it does so on wings of love. To afford our ascension into higher levels of consciousness, we need to open our hearts moreContinue reading “The Heart: To Love is to Breathe”

Living Betwixt: Being the Bridge

Here I explore my love for living in two different worlds; recognizing my near constant need for changes… Born into life, lifeless. As I pushed through the canal of my birth, suddenly frozen was I. For when the doctor slammed the mask over my mother’s face, forcing her against her will to a medicated delivery,Continue reading “Living Betwixt: Being the Bridge”

What Many Miss with the Law of Attraction 

Many who practice the Law of Attraction often forget a few key components, what we resist persists. The pain is in the resistance. Allowing and surrendering heal us.  So many who are practitioners avoid the “void” feelings because they say feeling it will attract it. True! And not healing it keeps it in your energyContinue reading “What Many Miss with the Law of Attraction “

Funeral Pyre

Tonight I’m building a funeral pyre. Tonight I am taking out the shell of a person who once lived here. Her time has long gone, Her needs have expired. Now it’s time to build a fire. Her final release to the Heavens will light the land this night. The sparks will shoot high Into theContinue reading “Funeral Pyre”

The Presence of Buddha

“Presence” M: “So how tall are you, anyway?,” he asked as I ly naked under the covers. His hands performing releases to my left thigh. T: “Five-foot-eight,” I replied. M: “Oh, that’s it? I thought you were taller, at least five-foot-ten.” T: “Really, why do you think that is? I hear that often.” M: “It’sContinue reading “The Presence of Buddha”

Numbers: The Erasure

“three standard deviations” i am the normal to your standard deviation of 3. i love your flirtations, yet they trigger a lot of “unworthy” in me. i fear your love, your affection, your adoration. like water poured on rock, all is lost to evaporation. ~~~~ erasure since before we separated, parted in the night, i’ve been tryingContinue reading “Numbers: The Erasure”

Last night I felt the cold, again

last night i felt the cold again it reminded me of how cold i felt in hot-assed August when i decided to ask for a divorce. usually preferring to sleep in the nude,  once his energy withdrew, all i could feel was cold at night, when not nude. the same happened to me overnight, the houseContinue reading “Last night I felt the cold, again”

Reblog: Wise Words not Followed

The following piece was read by one of my best friends at my wedding. Interesting that the words “drink not from one cup” went through my mind just the other day, sparking this memory. To read this post later meant it could not be ignored. Basically, the priest suggested that each of our mothers pourContinue reading “Reblog: Wise Words not Followed”

Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!


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Healing Your Heart From Within

Decided to dance a little deeper in life, and wow can spirit dance!

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