Being Vulnerable to Accept Love


When we armor up and protect ourselves, we actually shield against the very thing we seek: Love.

By removing the armor, laying down our shields and weapons we open up to receive and give love. In all actuality, the very thing we seek is already within.

Writing, meditation and creative expressions are our windows into the depths of ourselves. We can use them as tools to peek inside to see where we were taught and where we accepted the belief in not-love. The more we break down our own walls, the more we love ourselves and the greater capacity we have to love others.

Loving ourselves more reaps more rewards than looking for someone else to fill the void within. For no matter how much someone else loves us, if we cannot receive their love, it is the same as pouring water onto a rock. When we live behind our castle walls, we block against love and just as the water will flow away from the surface of the rock, we will not be able to receive this beautiful gift that we so desire.

It is by being transparent, vulnerable and open that we can love more fully, more deeply.

If you fear being vulnerable there may be several reasons. If the people in your life attack you for being yourself, then maybe it’s time to find new people with whom you can truly share yourself. Sitting with and immersing oneself within the feeling of vulnerability can also lead it to crest and then diminish. Repeatedly working through the feelings in the way will lead you to your freedom from its grip.

May we all learn to be free of the obstacles that block us from more deeply experiencing love within ourselves, so that we may freely give and receive love both for ourselves and others. 


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4 thoughts on “Being Vulnerable to Accept Love

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    1. I immerse myself in it, focusing on every drop of how it feels. Once it has my full attention, it quickly dissolves. Different layers of fear may later bubble up to the surface…so is life, if we felt all of our fear at once, it might just stop life. Being with the fear gives it a voice, so it no longer needs to choke me to get its attention.
      Saunsea, you have a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing it.

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  1. Well done Tiffany, this resonates. We can repress and try to avoid that which we fear. We can also immerse ourselves. We’ve had some fun superhero analogies recently. I’m channeling Bruce Wayne as boy when he falls in the cave and his fear of bats…then how he stands amidst them as swirl all around him. Your situation though is real and hurtful but you are doing the same in facing it.

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    1. Thank you for understanding the process. Your drawing an analogy to Wayne’s experiences solidifies the superhero aspect of facing our fears. Thank you for your support! It is like taking a breath of fresh air to feel understood. =)

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