I Want You


I want you

To unglue me
To untie me
To remove the chaife
That blocks my light

I want you to see all of me

My mind
My body
My soul
Complete transparency

I want you

To show me where I hide
To reveal the broken; lies
To hold me to a higher level
To rise up, together without falling; just soaring

I want your love

To show me who I am
To keep the flames of transformation burning
To see me rise up from the ashes

I want you to witness

The birth of a Goddess
Who no longer fears her shadow
Who no longer fears her light
And shines brightly to light the path for others

I want you

To remind me of my Divinity
To hold me when it’s scary
To hold me to myself
To love me, as me

I want you

To be my catalyst to greater metamorphosis
To do this not by force
Nor coercion
Nor shaming or blaming or scolding

I want you

To do this just by being you
To allow me to show you your light
By shining my own
Together, side by side, we glow


and I will wait for you, but not be still.

Instead, continuing to move and grow,
ready to accept all that you have to offer,
whilst preparing my offerings to you.


Photo by pat138241 at freedigitalphotos.net


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