The Waves: An Homage to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is both the creator and destroyer in Buddhism traditions.
This poem pays tribute to his role.

The waves carry messages from afar

The message of love for the shore

receptivity, reciprocity

The Atlantic offers rare,

finely curled tubular waves today

Rays of sunlight caress their tops

As they rise up and crest,

Riding on swift moving feet

to their final destination.

Sea mist tangentially blows back

to the ocean, the source

As if


the pending

destruction of

The wave

As it

makes love

to the sand.

The sun and ever changing clouds

Bear witness to the coupling of the waves,

Looking down from above

To honor the beauty of such


The wave

Crashing hard today

Rarely caressing

The receptive shore.

Feels more like fucking.

The booming sounds escape

As he folds over in

His final act.


The bass excites the witness,

It represents

The pleasure and release

As the wave meets its death.

Once spent,

The wave disintegrates

Leaving the shore to be once again its own

In its final approach and retraction,

Shifting her foundation,

bringing her to a new perspective

Smoothing out her rough edges.

She cannot be help

But be affected.

Bulkheads and jetties

Are foolish attempts

to block his effects

His affections

Blocking the wave’s love for her

Causing him to rise up in greater fury

At her rejection of his very essence

His very purpose.

The wave a Phoenix

In the water element,

Broken down

Only to be reborn.

As he flows under the next

incoming wave,

He caresses her,

attempting to grasp his lover

With his fluid fingers

Which can only carry fine pieces of her

and only momentarily.


Returning to the source

For his inevitable rebirth

Rising up once again.

Until then,

The shore shifts slightly, rhythmically

with each approach

and awaits the return

of her lover.



35 minutes

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