Feeling unloved? 

the parts of us that are the

darkest and most rank,

are the parts that

need the love most.

just as the crops in the field

thirst for water; the elixir of life,

needing it to grow and thrive,

those darkest, thirstiest, nastiest

parts of us need to be

showered with love.

like a little girl

crying out at night,

longing to be held and loved,

if we would but listen,

following the source of the cries

and comforting the child within,

instead of stifling her fears or

instead of turning a deaf ear;

pretending we don’t hear,

imagine how much more we

could accomplish here,

when our energy is

directed towards expression,

instead of suppression.

Love thyself, please,

you’re much nicer

to everyone else

that way.


Did you know that “failure to thrive” is a medical term?

It is a condition that can occur in babies and young children who cannot gain weight or grow. In the absence of a medical condition, environmental factors are indicated as the cause (ie abuse and neglect or severe malnutrition).


See also Loving the Hurt

Photo by phaendin
at freedigitalphotos.net

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