The Cherry on Top: Hearing How This Blog is Helping


Yesterday, in the midst of several posts being published regarding sexual shame, I received several positive and supportive messages from clients and a co-worker; unsolicited and unexpectedly. The last story was the cherry on top; my work here in sharing my journey is helping!

One of my clients mentioned how she took a song-writing class in College (damn, I was peanut butter and jealous). I encouraged her to join the WP community and that I would help promote her. I was excited to share my spark with her and her with me. It was a nice connection to make. I told her she made my day, at that point, she had!

One of my co-workers later send me an IM to tell me she had read one of my poems, Offerings for Your Altar. She commented that she wondered at first who I was quoting and then realized the words were my own. Soaring, baby! I believe I told her she made my day, as well. (look at me, receiving compliments without shame, who is this?!)

So this is the cherry on top. Getting tired from a long day of work, my last client absolutely brightened my day. I asked her how her week had been and she immediately started talking about my blog (just a week ago, I gave her the keys to find it, with great hesitation) and then she said words I can barely recall, they were powerful. I recall: “you are a deep thinker…great writer…” She said much more, gushingly, and the rest is a blur.

What I felt then was the huge recognition that my work is having the desired effect of helping others as she told me her story.  That morning, I had published and she had read the Path of the Lotus. Once at work she had to promote something that she was not feeling in her heart; her work conditions were toxic, at best. Instead of resisting the negative, she sat down, breathing out what she didn’t like (sitting through it) and then she filled herself with the feelings she did want. She had used the process of alchemy to turn emotional coal into gold. The written work she then produced brought her accolades by management. “This is inspirational,” they told her.

When I set out to do this blog, it was with the intention of sharing my process to help others on their journey. While I’ve received likes and comments to my work, to hear this story today of all days, when I’m posting about sexual shame, I was blown away in the awareness that what I’m doing is having the desired effect.

So thank you readers for tuning in! I hope that at least one other person finds something that they can take away from my posts each day to help on the journey.


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