Original Sin: A Theory

Take a journey with me for just a moment.
Attempt to put aside the social and religious constructs,
so deeply seared into our minds.

The first time I heard this theory myself,
the daughter of a self-described atheist,
and a Church of Christ Christian,
I could not fully grasp the concept.

Now, to me it seems so apparent…

Breathing in…please open yourself to a
new concept of seeing.


What if, just for a moment imagine,
what if Original Sin is the turning away
from the Divine Feminine?

Bear with me for just a moment more, please.

Let’s look not at the books of history.
Instead, let’s look to the world that we
know around us.

Everywhere, with very few exceptions,
the seed of man needs the womb of woman
to create.

Pressing a little bit deeper,
if sin is something against God
and God is Love,
and God created the ALL that is Us…

then how is the oppressive subjugation
of women and anything remotely feminine
seen as accepting of God and His Creation?

Her role is just as important as his…

So each to each, should they then be balanced,
like the Yin-Yang.
We now look upon the image of a
wheel. upon which to roll.
Balanced tires move so much
more efficiently on the pavement of life.

Now let’s partially deflate that
wheel just a little, not even a lot.

When taking the air out
of the side of darkness that
represents the feminine,
we are all now handicapped.

We have to fight so much
hard to move forward
in all of our endeavors,
with a partially flat tire.

Pressing further still,
In many ancient traditions,
the Divine Feminine rides along side
and balances the Divine Masculine.

Yet the closest Goddess to Jesus Christ
in the Christian tradition is his Mother Mary.

How is that right?

I will leave on that note,
for you to think,
and to most importantly to
feel this into your heart.

❤ ❤ ❤


Photo by thaikrit at Freedigitalphotos.net of Quan Yin, the Divine Feminine of Buddha


2 thoughts on “Original Sin: A Theory

  1. Actually, Hebrew tradition points toward the reality that the image of God, in Adam, was hermaphroditic. Thus, when Adam (the male) is separated from, and reunited with, Eve (the female) it’s quite natural for him to express the fact that he’s been made whole by union with the feminine part of himself.

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