The Envy of Angels

The heat as I sip,

Ever so gingerly,
Slides down my throat
lighting my insides
as if my fire.
such sweet bliss,
to even remember this.

they ask,
how do you
take it?

neat, I say,
Don’t they know it’s the only way?

they ask again,
thinking I didn’t

This time,
My reply is
Maybe some air
Mixes in as you
Pour it from
Here to there.
Otherwise no-thing.

Their retort is
usually lost somewhere
In the ethers…
Hard to know.

I’m thinking about the
Heat of neat
Angel’s Envy.

it was a challenge to find a good I mage of bourbon sans ice…Thank you, Maryland Bartenders for knowing the ways of fire…


5 thoughts on “The Envy of Angels

  1. I recently learned of Angel’s Envy. I have not yet had the pleasure of tasting it — but it is an experience I am eagerly anticipating! The bottle is gorgeous … but the name is a poetess’ dream!! 😉

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