These Thighs: A Metamorphosis

These thighs of mine
Are thunderous, they boom when I walk or run (or that has been always my perception).

Changing my focus, I begin to see these thighs, and myself differently.

These thighs lift and carry my body, often gracefully.

They take me to great heights, physically and etherically.

They wrap around my lover’s waist, pulling him in closely,

or easily support me on all fours,

you know, when I’m cleaning the floors? 😇

These thighs of mine

have carried me over miles of rugged and smooth terrain.

The completion of 3 half-marathons in one year; 

and many other street and obstacle races too many to count, and name.

Not seeing their beauty for so long, blinded by my own shame.

These thighs held the cello in place as I played my heart out,

in concert, in practice & in hiding from my part.

These thighs of mine carried me through two pregnancies,
Doing their part during delivery.

From years of abuse and hatred cast upon them,

they were held in such tension,

It was impossible to sit on my feet,

I hovered 5 inches or more from my feet on the floor.

just this week, I was amazed to see

the new me, flexing and sitting so easily on my feet!

These thighs. 

I see you now with new eyes.

Thank you for supporting me and carrying my ass when I showed you such hatred,

so loving of you to continue to move when I felt so much malice towards you….

Today, I am so grateful for these, beautiful, strong, flexible & lovely thighs of mine!

This piece is a direct result of my mirror work process that started Monday 1/25/16. I hope it helps to spark a similar love and appreciation for your own body.


Photo Tiffany 1/25/2016

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20 thoughts on “These Thighs: A Metamorphosis

  1. Sexy thighs, Tiffany! Although, I think you should pull your skirt up further so we can appreciate their full beauty 😉 Congratulations on your 13.1’s that is very impressive! I’d also like to know more about “all fours”…such a hot, naughty visual, mmmm!

    Liked by 1 person

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