13 thoughts on “Vampire Skin

  1. Absolutely! You captured the entire essence of what I tried to say in my post regarding unworthiness but did it so much more efficiently and poetically! Bravo!

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  2. Love the exploration and realizations you are making around loving yourself. You are a beautiful woman and the measure of this beauty is not defined by a man’s love. He is not the light that gives life to your soul.

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    • Michael, in thinking about your reply more, my intention here is not that I lack my own light, but that the light of my lover shows me where I’m dark. The parts of me that are “not love.” The sun on that part creates the death of which burns. Or to choose to hold onto that part of me creates death, too… My reply earlier didn’t clarify that point well.
      In the second post today, the invocation has brought a new freedom for me. Interesting to see the return it has given me already.

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