Mirror Work with a Twist (TMI Alert)

So last week I embarked on the journey of mirror work. Something I have hated in the past because I prefer perfection and am a romantic idealist. Seeing myself in the mirror means my eyes immediately pin point all of my flaws. Things most others probably do not see. And yes, I see irony in my healing process looking at each aspect of my body as a different part instead of seeing myself as a whole (my end goal). I am more than my body and the sum of my parts.

So the first day of mirror work I chronicled well here. The next day was similar with the use of oil and lovingly applying it to my skin while I gave gratitude to my body.

Day 3, I believe it was (absolutely, it was), I had a bit of an interesting twist, shall we say. TMI Alert: stop reading this if you don’t want to know too much about me.  First some background: since my separation and divorce, I have developed quite a habit of “taking care of my needs” in the morning. Particularly after writing (and reading) here on WP. So, in running behind on my routine, I decided to combine mirror work with “taking care of business,” (TCB). It was fucking amazing!

I’ve always avoided looking in mirrors during sex. Even eye contact was often too much for me, though I truly desire to have a tantric sex experience, it scares the fuck out of me. Unbroken eye contact just sitting across from someone is hard enough, add sex, passion, pleasure and pain to that and I’m looking away; I’m out. Heck, it’s only recently that I could keep my eyes open, even with masturbation.

Ok, so back to the mirror work. It was incredibly erotic and … healing to see myself both receiving pleasure (as the giver) as well as to see myself climax; something I have never seen. I was able to maintain eye contact with my reflection. It was so hot, I couldn’t wait to do it again that night.

I can’t say that I’ve done this everyday, I missed a few days (a fatal mistake) but every time since then TCB has been in front of the mirror. It’s awesome. If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it. The next level up for me is going to be in front of the full length mirror and not just the bathroom vanity.

This is such a trifecta. You see, vanity has been such an issue for me as have body and sexual shame. This work has propelled me forward in my work spiritually and personally.


__/|\__ Metta

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Published by Tiffany

Writing out my thoughts has helped me to gain a new perspective of myself. In sharing these writings, it is my hope to help others to better understand themselves. It is my belief that with each of us who chooses this path of greater understanding of thy self, that it inspires others to do the same. This building momentum is the force that drives me to share, for in my vulnerability, I find my strength. I believe that you can also find yours there. ~~~In reading some of my posts, you will see that growth is not always pretty. It is in breaking apart and coming undone that a seed sprouts and breaks free of its own captivity. It is also out of mud that the lotus blossoms. ~~~Please join me in seeing the beauty of growth within the deconstruction of our limiting beliefs. ~~T.C.

18 thoughts on “Mirror Work with a Twist (TMI Alert)

  1. You are so awesome in your openness to share your journey toward healing and self love (no pun 😉) and inspirational in healing to others. I’m sure this will shock you not at all but I recently had this same type of experience myself only slightly different. I recently videoed my own self pleasure session. I was able to see myself onscreen in process as well as afterwards in edit mode (necessary to perfectionists) and then I did the unthinkable. I actually shared it with someone. It was THE most intimate act I’ve ever been capable of doing on both levels and it was exhilarating. x💖twin love

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    1. Damn! Was that last Wednesday?! Jk. That’s so cool I’m not that brave, but that sounds damn hot!
      and I’ll just say try the mirror one day, there’s a synergy in real time… Wonder twin powers: activate! ❤️


  2. wow. another incredibly powerful and open post! congratulations on this huge milestone! I am journeying along with you on that road to love myself completely…though I tend to struggle with my psychological make up as much if not more than my physical. This is really inspiring. TMI…I did this once in high school and it was a pretty incredible experience. I am wondering what changes from when we are first discovering sexuality and ourselves to when you come back around to it after you realize what you deserve. It is a crazy journey. Lots of Love.

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    1. Thank you for following me! I understand re the inner work, yes I do! Great for you for putting yourself out there with your own sharing. Feel free to send me links if I miss something. I’m frustrated with the reader and email is super inefficient for liking and commenting.

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  3. Let me clarify: “Wow” in the sense that I’m amazed at the strength you have to talk so openly about something so deeply personal. Yep… definitely staying off of wordpress while at work or in public. It’d be a shame if people could tell that I read something interesting.

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      1. That’s so interesting! I consider myself open in a lot of ways, but even I couldn’t cross the divide you did talking about sex/personal satisfaction like you do. And even if I did, I don’t think it would be as a form of liberation or connected to any selfless intentions, it’d just be to get a fix. Well done.

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  4. I read all of this and the links. There’s a book in this! Others need to know ! You are a very alive person one of your gifts is showing others that truth

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