Seeing Double: Another Twin

Freaky Deaky Twilight Zone Activity. The more work I do to love myself more fully, the more people who come into my life that are like me. Law of Attraction? Mirror work?! Twin Flame activation? I don’t know, but I keep finding more twins…This is one of the amazing things that happened for me yesterday:

I met a woman and within 15 minutes of shaking hands for the first time we were gushing over each other and practically disrobing to show off our tattoos! It was not what you think, dirty minds! Though I would have thought the same, too…

She showed me how she used ink to hide her varicose veins and stretch marks. I’ve been jonesing for more ink, and never imagined using my belly as a canvas to hide my “tiger stripes” from two extra bloated pregnancies. Even better, she knows an excellent tattoo artist! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

What lead to this unfolding? We quickly established some amazing commonalities!

Here’s a manifest, a list of things in common (interesting to note all of the ones and double ones):

  • Both 5’8″
  • Brown eyes, brown hair
  • Weight loss in same time frame: ~56 lbs (no shit)
  • Current weight: 11 lbs apart and 11 lbs each from our goal weights.
  • Clothing size: the same (I’m predominately mesomorph so weigh more at same size)
  • Age: 11 years apart
  • Nose pierced: Left nostril (one of the first things we noticed)
  • Tattoos: loved and displayed
  • We are both the first born children
  • Children: 1 Boy & 1 Girl each; hers are twins in opposite order
  • Shoe size: 1 size apart
  • We see ourselves as butterflies, our daughters are fairies
  • Favorite colors: Purple and Black
  • Favorite foods: tuxedo strawberries
  • Foods that harm: carbohydrates
  • Brazillians: both recently  de-virginized!

I was able to appreciate myself more fully “in the mirror” through her! To see in her many of the changes to my own life and body through meeting this woman, I was able to have a greater appreciation for myself. Fucking amazing!

Oppositions We had to balance out somewhere!

  • Pet preference: hers is cats, mine dogs
  • Sports: She loves football, I could leave it to never return.

The coolest part? Her physician sang beautiful praises of me, thusly complimenting my physical twin fully! Obviously, she is a soul mate for me: I do not believe all soul mates are lovers. Another post for another day.

She gave me permission to tell of our meeting.

More Twilight Zone Activity: Later in the same day I met another amazing woman and I need to get her permission to share her story; her life is miraculous and I rarely cry when in the clinic and there were a few times I lost voice control when talking with her about her story while choking back tears. I had to fight hard to keep it together…

__/|\__ Metta

12 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Another Twin

  1. That is so awesome! There is an Indian belief that there are 7 identical people in the world. In Western philosophy, I think they are referred to as doppelgangers (which is not exactly the same, as a doppelganger is supposed to be characteristically opposite of you). But either way, it is amazing to find someone who reminds you of yourself.

    But being completely honest, I personally do not like nose piercing (men and women). Somehow I feel that it rids the human face of its most natural beauty. But just a piercing with no nose ring is still ok. I guess, to each his own.


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  2. Tiffany – twin commonality: my nose was pierced on the right side of my body. 😉 But yes, had I kept it I would have only worn a small stud as I do not like the rings. I have seriously considered having it redone, my only hesitation is my preference for balance. I don’t like that you only have it on one side but to do it on both seems odd. (To explain – my ears are currently each pierced 3 times, 1 on top, 2 on bottom equally spaced on each ear. I crave balance (both ears) and the aesthetically pleasing number (3). I can’t believe how you keep finding us. 🙂

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