Talk Dirty to Me, Baby (mature erotica)

you whispered in my ear; i replied

trail rated toughness; can I handle this?

in the mud; make me dirty

in the sand; sugar cookie

soft top; take it off

hard body; press it against me

topless; make me

remote start; press me

extra head room; for the bobbing (don’t call it a hummer)

snorkel; dive in, deeply

light bar; so you can see, my friend; if you choose

six inch lift; rise up, love

knobby, muddy 33’s; take me dirty

260 pounds-ft torque; climb upon my body

doors off; open me up

open to the elements; vulnerability

rock sliders; slide on in, no sticking

285 HP; power for the motion

stick shift; give me six-speeds, at least

roll bars; roll me over

mounted jack; mount me (again)

off-roading; take me anywhere

rubicon; let’s cross it together

jeep; topless and dirty by choice!


take me as your front wench,

or your back ho

god damn, is winter over?!

’cause it sure feels damp and hot

like summer in the south!



35 thoughts on “Talk Dirty to Me, Baby (mature erotica)

  1. Love it! Such a fun play on words with duality. I’m sensing you drive a jeep? Would you believe that’s the next vehicle on my wish list? I want no doors, no top, and I want to head out into the hills feeling sunshine on my face and wind in my hair. Breathing in the fresh pine scent and reveling in the freedom of the bumpy back country roads. 🙂 Hot damn I’m excited for summer and a jeep now! 💕

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