Insurrection: Rising Up


what was once affection
now turns into aggression.

what was or what I thought love was,
is now just a face to shove in the mud.

the half baked cake falls quickly
when its support structure has thusly been removed.

for twenty minutes or more,
i flail on the floor.

your words have cut
through my heart.

my pain i can no longer hide,
for so long being taken for a ride.

my degree meant nothing to you,
now i see clearly the love you withdrew.

what happened to our sweet passion?
my hopes dashed now for any remission.

broken, sobbing, what was it all for?
in front of the children, what happened to your core?

from this i have learned to fire walk,
you just keep up your double-talk.

from this i bring about insurrection,
such a sweet resurrection.

from the ashes of a woman lost,
i rise now, for myself, all worth the cost.


Image: Google

The Osprey is a powerful animal totem for me. The “Phoenix” of the water, as it were, the Osprey dives completely into the water to grasp its prey in its specialized talons. The Osprey leaves the air and dives down out of its element (air= thoughts) and into the water, the place of emotions. I’m hoping to speak more to the Osprey in future posts. This Bird of Prey is thematic in my work, in fact my first post featured an Osprey image. 

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