Ode to my Gemini, Peter Pan

this is a picture of my son from 3 years ago this week.

the innocence and Peter Pan feeling you get from this image is true. i miss those big brown eyes, filled with wonder and mischief (well, maybe not so much missing all of his mischief)

sad to say that with divorce his eyes are less sunny more partly cloudy. maybe it’s also aging and growing that he no longer exudes this mercurial energy. He has not lost it all, it is still very much there, just beneath a thin veneer. sometimes it can be encouraged to emerge, other times he hides, burying it well.

his name means light giving, the envy of many Star Wars fans…
his middle name means protector. A true Braveheart who even at two showed this is true. 

fluffy, soft cheeks he still has, kissable in any weather.
slowly resisting his mother’s affections,
growing now into his own.

with each passing day independence grown.
still more dependent than at the same age his sister, but equally willed strong.
who can fault him, have you met the woman from whom he was born?

His sign of Gemini is ruled by the messenger God Mercury,
whose attributes flow to those also born of Virgo:
who when in balance are ever changing, malleable,
quick-witted communicators,
with a strong sense of youth. Warning: take care!
Mercury is also a trickster; taken to light thievery.

I treasure when he chooses to shower me with his love,
going to miss the days when he no longer says,
“I love you, mama” out of (seemingly) no where,
kissing my face, reaching for and kissing my hands.
(he is going to be a true lover, as hand kissing
is not something he learned from his father,
the only man he’s seen kiss his mother).
I pray that he may only give his heart to the most deserving women.

it will be interesting to watch this young man unfold
in the coming years.
hoping that he will spare his mother too many tears…

yeah, who the fuck am I kidding, there?


__/|\__ Metta

35 thoughts on “Ode to my Gemini, Peter Pan

  1. What a beautiful, spirited photo. God knew I should only bear boys because I would corrupt the femininity of anything sugar and spice and everything nice!

    Bring on the snips and snails and puppy dog tails! That one is going to be a joyous adventure indeed❤️

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  2. Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    My Mom thought I would grow out of my Peter Pan era, 60+ yrs later, still hanging in there. I only play Adult roles when there’s no other option. Divorce can create problems, but keep molding and forming his future with all the loving influence, our children are too important to let others guide their way or be their influence or role models. Best of luck and big hug. ᕙ(💓▿💓)ᕗ georgie

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  3. What an absolutely beautiful boy you have. And what a treasure it will be to see him grow and mature and no doubt still completely love his mother, who sounds like the best role model he could possibly have. A beautiful post.

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  4. How cute is he!?! Our babies, our boys, both cute as can be, both love their mothers better than the men from which they came. I miss my little snuggly Peter Pan but, at almost 17, he is still quick to give his mama a hug and makes her smile. May your little Peter Pan also turn into a such a fine gentleman. 💕twin love hun

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