Small Towns & Big Cities

It is said that there are six degrees of separation between each person on Earth. I imagine this number is reduced as the geographic area focuses in.

Yesterday, I met a woman with the same last name as my grandmother’s birth family; an unusual name. Of course I asked her more questions, and her husband’s family is from the same part of the state. We were excited about the potential connection.

Then much later, after she left, I realized the power of gossip and prejudice within that community. Though not quite as bad as the Hatfield’s & McCoy’s, this part of the family holds grudges…for generations. 

My grandmother’s mental illness caused many rifts within the family. This is the same grandmother who took her own life, while her father died after being shot in the back in 1952. For more of the backstory see: Unraveling the Stigma: Bipolar Disorder.

So I’m now wondering if the woman I met will see past it, or allow herself to fall into the notions of crazy, canceling her remaining appointments. 

Guess time will tell!


__/|\__ Metta

Image mc escher via Google 

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