Moola Mantra

This is an incredibly healing prayer to the Divine force in Sanskrit. By listening to Deva Premal sing the words, you may find this easier to sing or say in your mind. This album helped me this morning when I was at my lowest.

Saying this mantra 108 times per day, with the help of Mala beads or the Rosary, you will find it helps to clear your mind…and clear the way for more miracles in your life.

Om Satchitananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramatama

Sri Bhagavati Sametha

Sri Bhagavate Namaha

Oh, Divine Force, Spirit of All Creation, Highest Personality, Divine Presence manifested in every living being, Supreme Soul manifested as the Divine Mother and as the Divine Father, I bow in deepest reverence.

Om = calling of the primal, highest energy
Sat = Existence
Chi = Consciousness
Ananda = Bliss

Parabrhama = Spirit of Creation
Purushothama = Highest Personality
Paramatama = Divine Presence manifested in every living being

Bhagavati = Divine Mother
Sametha = One with

Bhagavate = Divine Father
Namaha = I bow in deepest reverence

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Photo Credit: © Thefinalmiracle | – OM Lamps Photo

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