Treasures from the Abyss

Last night at this hour, I was near the bottom of my murky descent.
It seems that I had a lot to clear while the weather was so turbulent.

Diving deeply, breathing labored.
Eyes swollen, crying ugly.

As I slept, I gained some ascent.
By morning, still some sadness overhanging.

Deep in meditation, I received guidance.
“Love the parts, completely, that irritate you.”

After grounding myself, and connecting with the Heavens,
I dropped down into my heart’s caverns.

I felt the love of my children, my babies,
I allowed it to expand outwardly.

Imaging the love engulfing, consuming,
completely filling the parts that were irritating.

My ascent was almost nearing the ending.
But some sadness still lingered.

While at work, a patient, the most irritating probably ever,
sat before me, seething, searing and glaring at me.

I began to wrap love ’round parts that wanted to spit mean words.
Reluctantly at first, I wrapped that love around her.

Her countenance did change, it did improve.
But only enough for me to finish my groove.

She was still rather unpleasant to the front office.
The buried treasure I unearthed kept me from some of her vengeance.


Another gem: for each ounce of sadness I surrendered into
yesterday and today, I have gained back in happiness.
The biggest challenge is letting go of the resistance; the part
that doesn’t want to feel. “You’ve got to feel it to heal it!”


A gem that was shared with me after my meditation tonight,
“You gotta love the suck!,” my interpretation: getting through
the suck helps us to pull up from the muck.
If you can’t love it, at least allow it to be what it is: sucky.

__/|\__ Metta

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22 thoughts on “Treasures from the Abyss

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  1. The previous three days have been extremely emotional for me. To where I was wondering wtf was happening to me. But i feel better today too. I always say that I don’t know how not to feel my feelings. I guess that’s good but when they hit me so hard it really sucks. I will learn to love it, though! Hopefully… 😛
    I’m glad you feel better. Loving irritating people is hard!

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    1. Vic, I feel your pain in so many ways! We need an “over feelers anonymous” support group. We probably have similar patterns with ups and downs as the world goes through spiritual labor pains of rebirthing. ❤️❤️❤️ to you! Feel free to lean on me, as we both seem to be on similar wave lengths recently. ❤️ Tiffany

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      1. Haters will hate! I’m doing my best to love them! Inspired by a bumper sticker I ❤️ Haters.
        Not easy, but if it were we wouldn’t have haters, would we?!
        Do glad INFPs are here in droves for a reason!


      1. Yep! In all seriousness I pray for your joy to be filled to the overflow tonight as you sleep sweets. A tomorrow too happy to hold in your hot little hands 😊

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  2. I love that your abysmal theme this week so perfectly matches the feelings you’ve undergone. From the sliding down into the depths of despair to the rising once again. Such a talent with words and able to take us on that ride with you. I’m so glad you’re feeling buoyant again my friend. Much love to my Anam Cara! 💕

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