When my son scrapes his knee,
he asks me to kiss it please.
The pain lessens to some degree.
He can then go along and play, merrily.
When I read of your pain and suffering,
I wish I could run to you and hold you.
To kiss you in all the places you have
hurt, that have hurt others.
To help you to gather the pieces
that have scattered, left tattered,
along the ground. Just waiting, waiting
waiting to be found. Reintegrated.
How much I long to see the
reflection in your eyes, my prize,
The recognition from within
that you are perfect as you are, today.
The release of brokeness,
the embracing of wholeness.
That the past is the past,
it formed the person you are; it is not you.
Yet I can only do this work from afar,
in my living room, in my car,
at my work, or on a hike,
on the phone or all alone.
I send you my love.
Without hesitation,
without expectation.
In the hope you can see what I do.
The beautiful soul of a person,
hurt yes, and yet truly unbroken.
Learning to sing your own song,
to be free to voice your love, your suffering.
Your voice brings your lover to you,
it is imperative that your cleaning
you continue. For each ounce of
pain that you clean, you gain in pounds
of love, self-respect and relief of suffering.
So today I send my kisses to you,
through messages, through the ethers,
in the hopes that they support you
in your own healing and self-care.
For you to see your beauty is of
great importance for me. It helps
me to see my own. For you to love
you, helps me to love me.
And so it is with this world,
the more we heal our own,
the easier it becomes for other
to heal within.
Many hugs and kisses to you,
my dear friend.
I know that each kiss I send,
helps us all in the end.
__/|\__ Ananda & Metta

24 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. I love this. I know this wish- to hold someone who hurts and tell them every beautiful thing about them that maybe they don’t know. It’s why I have the desire to press people to my chest and give them squishy hugs. Hugs are healing! Squishy breast hugs are even better! LOL.

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  2. Breastfeeding often has nothing to do with nourishment, it has to do with the closeness and the feeling of a heartbeat, filled with love and assurance. I found early on that the best way to calm a child is press them against your chest so they can hear and feel. children know who loves them and who just holds them. My heartbeat had to suffice for my newest Grands when I held them, it was enough and still is when they’re scared or upset. Wishing healing blessings for you, Milady. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) \”◉ ◡ ◉”/ Hugs & 💨 💋 💋 💋

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  3. Oh this was so beautiful Tiffany! Such a very heart warming sentiment that will help heal anyone who lands across your post. Such a loving and giving spirit you have my friend. I send my kisses and hugs as well. May they find their neediest home. Love to you my friend, Anam Cara!💕

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