Water & Women

Many women poets and writers carry the water theme. Perhaps we are magnetically drawn to one another here on WP due to our similarities in personalities. While this is part of it, I believe there is more to it than that. As women we are vessels, living chalices created to carry life. Without water, we would be without life. Water is also by nature healing & cleansing.

The Sacral or second Chakra governs creativity, sexuality and duality. The energy of the right to feel is expressed here. The element of the sacral chakra is water. Writer’s must tap into this chakra, at least to some degree, to be able to create. Some spiritual streams consider this chakra the first feminine chakra, the root chakra being the first masculine chakra.

Our bodies are comprised of roughly 70% water. A pregnant woman to me often looks like mother earth. Interesting that our planet is also roughly 70% water. The salinity of amniotic fluid, I have been told, is similar to the levels found in the ocean.

There is great mystery of the oceans, so much more is understood of outer space than what lies beneath our own living waters. Perhaps this great mystery also beckons to us. Women also hold the energy of the mysteries, creating in the void and darkness new life from the womb.  Sex is part of this mystery, required in the meeting of the gametes to create new life. As such, water is very sensuous and often the setting for many sex scenes (the beach, the shower, the hot tub…).

Taking things a step further, water is both life giving and life taking. The fluid is needed to sustain life and yet too much can take it from us. Creation and destruction all in one. For many women, we do not know our power. Yet with a strong wind, the calm waters can be easily whipped up into white capping swells. Enough of a change in the foundation of the earth and tsunamis are formed. Excess energy floods. Lack of energy forms deserts.

For these reasons, I believe women in touch with their sexuality, creativity and femininity often carry the water theme throughout their work.

__/|\__ Ananda & Metta

Even without meaning to, I look back over the past 11 months and see the water theme consistently; more than any of the other four elements. In fact, my first post had a water theme, featuring my power animal the Osprey, a bird of prey that is associated strongly with the sea. Many of my favorite movies have a strong water theme… C’est la Vie!


13 thoughts on “Water & Women

    • You are welcome! Thank you for being the push I needed to hurry it the fuck up. It’s been on my mind for about a month now. Presenting the chakras in different than conventional ways, I feel will help others to be able to remember and identify. (doesn’t sound so much like the teacher of Charlie Brown!)

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  1. Much of what you write here is profound and I believe accurate. I have looked at my own surrounds and writing and see water everywhere. I have always been drawn to the water, I love it. I could sit in front of the ocean for days happily basking in the nearness to such beauty and power. My whole home has elements of water whether its a beach theme or a color. I have always kept beach/water photos and posters around me at work and at home and in my most serence calming spaces there has always been a water theme.

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