Shame to Blame

Oh wow! Amazing realization 

Came to fruition

A shame to blame myself

For the actions of others

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 

Really, WTF?! GTFO! 

Yet, guilty, all my life

It was my fault if YOU did

Something bad to me!

Walking the thin red line 

Of being good, of being chaste-like

Of being fat and dressing down to hide 

My assets. Mental burqas?

Being quiet, being invisible

To avoid your attention

To avoid your lashing out at me

Or mistreating me sexually

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

To keep you happy


Now to see so clearly 

The many ways I took

What was yours all along

A thief in the night, I was!

Responsibility for actions 

That are mine is mine

That are your are yours.

Not mine if it’s yours 

Giving back what’s yours

Responsibility, Accountability 

Taking back what’s mine 

My Power and freedom to be me!

Another degree of freedom

On another way

In Another day

Yes to me today

No more shame to blame 



__/|\__ Ananda & Metta


Image: wiki

14 thoughts on “Shame to Blame

  1. Hear! Hear! I love when these self-realizations happen to us! It’s exciting when we gain undetstand why we’ve always done what we’ve done, said what we’ve said- but it’s scary as all get out at the exact same time when face to face with it! You’ve got this though! You’ve got us to back you up! We see your beautiful light growing! Hugs!

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