Pardon Me #350

My time on WordPress has become excessive and addictive. While I have backed off somewhat over the past few weeks, it has not been enough. So it’s high time for me to take a sabbatical on posting. As I have a busy personal calendar over the next few months, this may be a good spring board for me to take a back seat on posting while decreasing my reading as well. 

Since New Year’s I have posted daily on this site, some days multiple posts; probably too much for some. During this time my addiction to approvals and comments has peaked and ebbed some. While I have taken measures to step back, I have continued to post daily and I have become too concerned about stats and who likes what; less concerned about writing to write.

In striving to keep up with The Jonses and not miss others’ posts, I have been wearing myself out. So many of you have such intriguing words to share that I cannot seem to stop myself. Meanwhile, I have allowed too many paper books to gather dust.

I also recently joked with a good friend that I needed to do a 12-step program for withdrawal from WP! In telling him about a professional certification test for which I would like to sit, I acknowledged that the time I currently spend on WP would prevent my being able to study for it (and it’s an expensive test!).

For these reasons, I am going to take a step back from WP. It’s time for me to really reflect and do some deeper introspection, as well as get over this attention and approval addiction (wish me luck!). I hope to check in on the reader from time to time.

So please Pardon Me, while I rest from WordPress and burst into flames. Trust me, I will come back brighter than before. I always do.

__/|\__ Metta

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40 thoughts on “Pardon Me #350

  1. hopefully you are NOT reading this message, and have seeked your own inner guidance and FEEL that YOU ARE ENOUGH, none of these likes, or dislikes, matter. NO ONE on earth is like you. You have the greatness in you, and I hope you have linked up to it and radiate it without all this superficial agreement from us. go enjoy, feel free, feel inspired, and if you feel INSPIRATION (not needing approval) come back and share with us. HAVE FUN. momentummikey 🙂 🙂

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  2. I feel you! Trying to write is one thing, keeping up with everyone else is a FT job, and I don’t have the time. Then I feel badly for not commenting on everything else going on around me. Be well, and we’ll all be here, obsessively creating (or not) while you’re gone. Xoxo sweetie

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