Raspberries in Spring

Laughter fills the air

From those with little care

Tickles and frolicking

On this day in Spring

He boyish giggles and grins

Fill a mother’s heart within

Another burst of bubbles blown

Against bare skin

Raspberries in Spring 

Finding the joy within 

Once again



Metta & Ananda

Image: Google

12 thoughts on “Raspberries in Spring

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      1. Bless you. I hope the journey is fairly smooth and that your destination is visible. I agree, that saying reminds me of hope and promise and all things wonderful. The sun is now hiding and rain took its place.

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      2. Bless you, too, Sweet Annie!
        I agree re the saying. It is so sweet when I hear it!
        Yes, it is raining here too, I believe it will all day! Love and blessings to you on your journey. For me, I find that the bumps help me to appreciate the smooth roads all the more. Now just to slip back into my writing some more. I’ve missed it! ❤️

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      3. I’ve missed you, sweetie, a lot. I cannot wait for summer and all that it will bring in terms of ideas for writing and long lazy days and daydreams. Much love x

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  1. Tiffany, it’s beautiful, and it’s put a smile on my face. I can see that play time went very, very well. I had a similar experience with my son yesterday, he’s 36, lives in Elizabeth City. and I don’t get to spend time alone with him as much i’d like. We made that trip to NJ and picked up the chiller. The seller, Carl, provided us with a flight of 4 different home brews that he has on tap in his kitchen. He is serious about his beer. We drove 734 miles in just 15 hrs but it was an awesome time with him. I love raspberry punch, just sayin..
    Happy Easter!, He is Risen!, He is Risen indeed Ken

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