Poetry: Unraveling The Stigma

this post might just hurt the most. unraveling the truth from the perception is causing me quite a bit of misconception and even more fear of the repercussions. i can no longer deny my dna, it came up just the other day. knowing the oddity, when i recognized the new pattern, my new habits of […]


34 thoughts on “Poetry: Unraveling The Stigma

    • Thank you, Kay! Interesting to see my journey from another’s perspective. From my own perspective, it feels that I’m often fucking it up.
      My children had due dates 4 years and 1 day apart. People asked why I didn’t just have twins. My reply was I only wanted to fuck one up at a time…. So often I feel like I’m bumbling through parenting more than anything. Hence my introspection into Mother this past week.
      I appreciate the compliment, working on fully receiving it while I downplay my journey, again. (Smirking at self)

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      • Interesting….I think those who are good mothers are the ones who probably feel like they are often fucking it up…..I think there’s a club or something…lol

        Also, my kids were born 4 years and 30 days apart so that their birthdays are on the same numeric day of their respective months. I only wanted to fuck one up at a time too….we all bumble! I honesty believe the the introspection had its place, it does. It allows us to evaluate our behavior and how we impact our children. But, if we are present here and now, and do best to be fair, consistent, set reasonable boundaries, show vulnerability, wholeheartedness, and unconditional love….they will see our mistakes (someday, as least, lol) as just that. As a mother doing her damnedest to be the best mom she could be.

        Let’s work on it together. 💜

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  1. Tiffany, so beautiful, you are truly amazing,! And I’m sure your children are as well. Luv the pic.❤❤❤ Despite all the doubt and heartache I see real Joy in that photo. It makes me s smile.😆😆😆

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