Seeking Advice


I’m looking for ideas on how to access  my posts here off-line. I’m at about 360 posts…
Do you save off-line as you go? Do you know of a way to copy many posts to off-line storage? 

I’d love any guidance…I’ve sporadically saved off-line and would appreciate any time and sanity saving ideas. 

(My secondary “alt” site was shut down sans warning nor reason. Appealing? You better believe it.)

Much love,


34 thoughts on “Seeking Advice

  1. Oh heck. This doesn’t sound good. Shut down? For what reason? To be honest, most of my poetry is posted as it is written, straight onto my blog. My stories on the other hand, are saved in Word on my Mac and backed up.

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  2. You can export your blood under the tool option darling to save the files. This is why I’ve truly been longing for months to self-host. They, like other social media platforms are making the rounds to decide what is too far. I don’t wish to be censored by anyone.

    I stayed on here because I love you all but I’ve been building a self-hosted since I took down my diary. I will only stay on until I finish it then bam!

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      • It will export as an ‘xml’ file that has all the code included. You won’t open it, just keep it as a backup. Do it once a week to replace and keep the most current.

        It can be imported if you world ever lose the current blog.

        I will put a link up when I’m ready and those who wish to tag along can. I won’t move people over because it’s all my stuff and some is provocative and I don’t wish to assume their ok with that.

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  3. Sorry to hear that 😦 I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to saving my work. I draft and edit everything in Word and save to MyDocs. Cut and copy to WP for posting. I also have a back up USB in case my laptop crashes. I would hate to think that all the hours of hard work just disappear into the ethers never to be recovered. Good luck with sorting it out.

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  4. I write elsewhere and copy it into WP. I’m paranoid about losing my writing. I keep paper and digital copies. Hell, I’ve been known to ship cd’s across the country for friends to keep safe in case my house goes up in flames. I might be overreacting there…

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  5. I write everything with Pages and it saves to my cloud. Then I copy and paste.
    I really hope you get your blog back. I thought WP policies were pretty lax. That’s scary!

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    • I’ve consulted another blogger who warned me early on to be careful re my images. I toned them down early on (no gifs, but still some racy images). He was shut down several times so stopped with the racy images. It only takes one to complain he said. Also, look to WetBliss’es comments above for more clues. She took a hard censure. I’m waiting to hear back from WP. They didn’t even email me, instead I found out in my WP notification when I logged in to that site. I sent a request for review and now I wait… 😁 bad start to my day! Now I’m hopeful tho in hearing from others who came through it. One piece of advice was to not open the site to search engines… Kinda sad. I mean the title of the blog was sex shadows and it clearly states for mature only. Plus most of the blogs themselves had individual warnings, where appropriate. I feel if easily offended then don’t proceed when you see the freaking warnings. Ok. Stepping down slowly from my soap box…my fire has been ignited!
      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! was my first thought. You probably knew that, right?! ❤️ Tiffany

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      • People can be amazingly stupid. They ignore warnings or feel they need to censor things for others. I’m sorry it happened to you. I knew they mark things as mature and they don’t show in the reader but I didn’t know they shut things down. And with no warning? That’s ridiculous!

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  6. Tiffany, did you flag your blog as “mature” through WordPress? I did a while back after posting my Valentine poem and wondering –for the first time–if Worpress had some sort of rating. I found the info via a web search on what WordPress considers mature, and decided to flag mine as such. I’m tame in comparison to a lot I have read, but all it takes is one complaint for WordPress to have a look at your blog. I wrote a post titled Mature Content where I addressed this.
    Like you, I don’t back up much of my posts and wondered if there was an easy way to do so. My thanks to Rita for providing the how to.

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