Golden threads traveling
Along warp and weft
Seeing, feeling
Being connected

A tug here,
A snag there
Pulls at threads
Distorting images

Resonance of dissonance
Acoustical threads
Nothing is as it seems
Traveling along the seams

Similar & overlapping themes
to heal, to feel
Without blame,
Releasing the shame.

Freeing the fabric
Removing the crimes,
The lies, the clouds, revealing
Sun shining the entire time.

Hard to see the beauty
When at the loom
Perceiving now instead
beyond one’s own room.

The golden threads
Revealed again as if seen
For the very first time.
All along, all was in line.

9 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Beautiful, Beautiful words! Thank you for sharing your journey beautiful, couregous, sweet girl, I’m watching a butterfly take flight and I’m honored to witness this miracle of rebirth and freedom from the past. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!
    Many, Many Blessings, Ken


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