we get what we train for.

to improve physical performance, practice skills on the field of play, as if on event day.

to run better, practice running.

to tackle better, practice tackling with what you’re tackling on game day: people and not equipment.

mixing strength training with skills training changes muscle activation patterns.

using this as a basis, I see where I’ve honed my skills for: sadness, anger and martyrdom.

now I’ve laid my martyr to rest, I’m choosing differently now.

my focus going forward is to practice happiness.

while not denying my pain, I am now choosing to change my focus to love, happiness and strengthening my weaknesses.

so tonight I will raise my glass and toast to the change I’ve needed the most: here’s to practicing happiness!

Because I get what I train for, here’s to softening more..


21 thoughts on “Training

  1. Happy, Happy Happy! I am for you! 😊❤ And the pic is perfect, trained to perfection. Tiffany you brought tears to my eyes, Your writing has been so clear, inciteful and positive as of late. Yup, Happy, Happy, Happy! You should be so very Proud of yourself! How did that Virginia Slim’s ad go ” “You’ve come a long way Baby!”
    Blessings❤❤❤ Ken

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