Nectar drips from flower tips,
Waiting for the arrival, waiting
for You.

The desire burns often
More than it soothes, seeking
for You.

Recognizing the suffering ensued
Now I swim through my desire
for You.

I breathe light into the parts
Of me that feel lost without
Your touch.

Giving light and oxygen
To the longing for
Your love.

Releasing the charges, now
Being at a greater peace
With myself.

The knight of swords represents the”Knight in Shining Armor” or KiSA. This card represented the “Dark Bridge” in the Will Attunement Spread using the Night Sun Tarot Deck in a reading that ninefoldsdragon performed for me recently. “Too much focus on the KiSA can detract from your transformation,” he said.

It was through a reply from Kosmogonic about his poem “Scented Like Longing.” from earlier in the week that I finally saw the key to ending my suffering: swimming through the desire like I do with so many of my other emotional turmoils.

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