Occurs like a corkscrew.

With each turn of the key,

we press down further

into the cork,

piercing down through

a new layer that may

seem to have been

visited before.

Grief closes what

gratitude opens.

This is how I view healing the layers of suffering. In some ways it is the same thing, yet it is a new layer that is being seen, felt and healed. Gratitude for the new awareness is a lovely catalyst for the healing. Sometimes it can feel like we’re saying, “thank you, may I have another?” Once the cork is removed, we breathe freely again. 

Thank you Mary Cathleen Clark for your support!

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13 thoughts on “Healing

  1. I do know that it feels like a corkscrew and you are only exposed to new painful healing once the previous layer is cleared – I am with you there. Is it really possible for the cork to be removed – will we really drink the wine again T?

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  2. I have read this like ten times. I was going to say that you last line was my favorite, however it it all so true. A corkscrew, wow, piercing! I am learning to be more humble, to really hear what she is saying, it is so hard at times, but I want us, JoMell and I, to heal together. Hmmmm, might be a poem in there, pardon me while I take some notes 😊Ken

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