Circles and cycles
repeatedly returning,
seemingly back to the start.
At times feelings of  falling apart.

Much like Groundhog’s Day
until the lesson is learned,
the part made whole,
what is outward becomes inward: enfolded.

Just as the season’s cycle,
so do the lessons,
again like the corkscrew
piercing deeper into shadows.

From the death of fallen leaves
new life sprouts again
in the spring.
Destruction precedes construction.

Again and again
the wheel turns ’round
pouring seeds and fodder
to the ground.

We can choose to resist this
yet it all happens, regardless.
To be vulnerable, allowing cultivation,
and not fallowing of sacred ground is true strength.

Image: Pintrest (no artist credited)

4 thoughts on “Annular

  1. To be vulnerable, humble and to learn the lesson so the destruction can lead to construction, rebuilding, rebirth, a new beginning. I don’t know how you do this, create these beautiful expressions, Amazing! I sincerly hope that the beauty that is taking shape on the page is also taking root in your heart and soul ❤ ❤❤ Many, many Hugs, Ken

    PS We’re still in the waiting room waiting for Crosby, It’s been looooong night!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good luck with Crosby’s arrival.
      Yes, Ken, I am doing the work I outline in my posts. While I am by no means perfect, and there is always room for more improvement, my work here is a reflection of my inner work. What I bring up from my meditations and own introspection is what I share here. Yes, there are themes with which I repeat. These are the area where I feel the least replete. Finally, I’m able to accept compliments re my work and my physical appearance. Something with which I struggled with greatly just a few months ago. 🙂☀️
      Have a great day! ❤️ Tiffany


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