Shadow Boxing

This past week I’ve felt at times as if I were going to get plowed under. Then after sometimes reluctantly using my tools or reaching out to close confidantes with a ‘simple confession,’ I quickly reached clarity again.  I often felt like I was on a lopsided wheel. 

Prevailing emotions included self-doubt and self-loathing with a dollop of sadness to top it off. It often felt like shadow boxing; fighting myself.

I no longer believe I am alone in this. Am wondering if any bloggers would be interested in a blog for sharing information regarding prevailing energies, spiritual tools, and general support? 

It seems that the energy is becoming more intense at times and feeling that some of us could use an online community to gain insights, share experiences and help one another? 

For instance, in the past week, The Great Blue Heron has been very prominent for me. One has flown overhead 6 or more times in 5 days. So I would do a post on the energies of the Great Blue Heron to share with the group. 

Please send me a message (gmail at tiffanybeingfree) or post a comment that you are interested and I’ll see what I can do about getting something started, probably this weekend. 

If interested, please share your thoughts to keep it private or open.

If you want to be an admin, let me know! I’m hoping for 6-7. 

7 thoughts on “Shadow Boxing

    • Yes, I did – and no I didn’t. Soon after I posted this Rita offered me some forum space on her self-hosted blog. I then moved in Mid-May, so the time and energy I wanted to devote to the blog was used up on the move. It’s been 3 weeks since the move and I’m still recovering my energy…so I still haven’t done anything. (For some reason, I received the notification that you liked my comment, but not the notification that you commented! Time to check the spam folder, I suppose).

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