No Contest: Maynard Wins

Warning: This post contains some explicit language. If this may offend you, then please stop reading. Thank you!

Several months ago, I discovered that two of my favorite musicians were performing on the same night in my home state: Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) & Maynard James Keenan (Puscifer).

At first I mentally put the two bands “in the ring” to see who would win. Then I thought to see where else they were playing. After discovering they were performing in the same town on two consecutive nights in another state, I decided to travel mid-week to be able to catch both shows. I also made plans to meet another blogger while in her hometown. Taking time off work to travel to a concert is not my m.o., by the way, though this may change.

While I purchased tickets for the Puscifer (Maynard) show, I did not purchase them for the Pearl Jam (Vedder) one. Score 1 Tiffany….

Following the recent “bathroom statute” controversy in North Carolina, many bands have canceled their tour dates in the state. Pearl Jam did. Puscifer did not. Score Maynard 1: Vedder 0.

While I do not know why Maynard kept the show date, I have a lot of respect for him for playing last night. Yes, it could be financial as Puscifer is Independent. Though you may know Maynard from one of his two other bands, Tool & A Perfect Circle (APC), Puscifer is completely Indi. Or maybe Maynard understands something Vedder and others do not…

Near the end of the show, following bandmember introductions, Maynard said this to the audience: “This is all I’m going to say and then I’ll shut up: This is an election year & don’t vote for Neanderthals.” Yes! To me, this teaches more than shunning. Maynard 2: Vedder 0.

Maynard then dedicated the next song to North Carolina, “The Humbling River.”

Personally, I believe Maynard is a fucking genius. Much of his music contains a depth of spiritual wisdom. Lateralus by Tool has a musical architectural basis that is Divine.

 Puscifer’s music is also heavy on drums and bass with frequently primal rhythms, qualities that I like. Frequently the drum rhythm has an irregular beat: bonus. Different from Tool & APC, Puscifer includes female vocals and synthesizers. 

Personally, I really like that Maynard shows a broad spectrum of the human condition. From “Humbling River” (we are better together than as one to cross the river) to “Remedy,” (you act like you’ve never been knocked the fuck out). He understands concepts that, I believe, many in spiritual circles miss, & maybe I’m just projecting

  • Anger needs to be expressed. If not creatively, then it will eventually come out … destructively.
  • Sex is not shameful. 
  • Irreverence is necessary to get out of our self-contained buckets of shame.
  • We get more of what what we fight against…. And is probably why the NC show went on.
  • Change comes about by honestly looking at our shit, not denying or glossing over it. 
  • Sometimes people need to be emotionally shocked to be woken up. 

Maynard 8: Vedder 0

    If you can catch a show, I believe it’s worth it. At the very least, check out some of the band’s songs. Expect performance art and beautiful music. Send me hate mail if you didn’t like it! 🙂

    Some of my favorite Puscifer songs include:

    • Rev 22:20
    • Momma sed
    • Vagina Mine
    • Agostina 
    • Potions
    • The Humbling River
    • Tumbleweed
    • The Arsonist
    • The Rapture

    Know that most of the album titles are sexual in nature. 

    Maynard 8:Tiffany 1: Vedder 0 I’ll keep irreverent comments to myself! 

    20 thoughts on “No Contest: Maynard Wins

    1. Really like the video, now I have to check out all his work.and don’ t worry about irreverent comments, won’t scare me off, I concur with Rita, I like the way you do everything with Gusto! And I undestand
      Have a wicked good day! 😆❤ Ken

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Watched again, why am I crying, does everyone get so emotional and introspective when they hit their sixties. There is so much I like about this. Thanks for posting this Tiff. Can I call you that? Or no. You continue to have a Wicked Good Day! 🍰🍨 Ken

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re crying because it also made me cry. Avoid, then, looking up in YouTube and watching the one with men in uniform. That will jerk the tears even more. ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll post later about my wicked ways this day and yesterday…. 😈😇

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