Labored breathing

as the scalpel sinks in

going deep, beyond the skin

separating the truth from the sins.

time once again to shed skin

the anger and hatred, run deeply

along the veins.

painful at times to separate

the truth from the lies.

ancestral wounds carried forth,

inherited over by the next generations

how much anger is there?

the shadows of death lurk

about within the metastasis.

time to remove the skin,

revealing once again,

the beauty of truth within.

blood flowing freely, no longer bound

in lifeless energies.

shedding the skin,

basking again in the light within.






16 thoughts on “Skin

  1. MiLady, my beautiful lady friend, you truly are a radiant butterfly breaking free.. Thank you for this window into your soul. Your words are a mirror of your own beauty, inside and out You have a killer smile, kiddo. Heart Smiles! I’m certain that I speak for many here but please know that you are Loved! Please have the most incredibly awesome Wicked Good Day!!!
    😊😉😨❤ Ken

    Liked by 1 person

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