Dissolving Walls

walls built in protection

avoiding acidic experiences

where the protection from feeling

creates the very thing.

time now to dissolve the walls.

with each block removed

a release of energy,

a softening into trust,

a new vulnerability,

within renewed faith.

a budding Love for all

of existence and

the connections renewed

as walls dissolve;

an ability to move

further into you.


Photo Courtesy of Tina Phillips at freedigitalphotos.net

34 thoughts on “Dissolving Walls

  1. Very nice, Tear down those walls, brick by brick! 👍Ken

    Ps… I am always touched by your choice af artwork to illustrate the composition. And the thing that gets me, its the light, the sunshine, that restores nature after an ice storm. There may be a ” hotmess” underfoot for a season but then there is new growth and everything comes back stronger and more beautiful than ever!!!

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