Breathing Life

~Breathing in is called inspiration. It allows us to give birth to new ideas and emotions.
~Breathing out is called expiration. It allows us to release old ideas and emotions.

Like the tides, it is best when breathing is more or less balanced.

Sharp out breaths through sighs are an attempt to avoid feeling. It is an attempt to push something away that we do not want to either let go of or we do not want to experience feeling. It also prevents full inspiration.

The exhale needs to be soft and gentle like a whisper. Soft enough to avoid disturbing the scales on butterfly wings. Soft enough to release without forcing.

So now I work to slow down my out breath, feeling and allowing the old emotions and ideas to die, while recognizing them as best as I can. This allows a deeper in breath, as well.

Balancing the breath through having an equal time and velocity to the in and out breaths (inspiration ~ expiration) allows for a greater presence in the moment. This also builds less friction, creating fewer charges. There is less resistance to receiving new ideas through inspiration and it allows us to let go of the things which no longer serve us, through expiration.

It is hard to breathe in if we have not fully exhaled.


20 thoughts on “Breathing Life

  1. So true Tiffany and perfect for me at a time when I often find myself short of breath or feeling as though I don’t have enough air in my lungs. Breathing should be as natural as the tides, you’re right, and yet it’s a work of art I’m still mastering in finding the right flow. Thank you for this. 🙂

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  2. Tiff, this is beautiful advice. I will join you in refocusing on balanced breathing. I feel at rest when I get that synced. My whole life, I’ve been a breath ‘holder’ – like subconsciously waiting for the other shoe to drop. Most times, not even aware I’m doing it. D has to say, ‘breathe, Rita’

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  3. Thank you for this! I am learning that balance is important as I let go of and even grieve the old me me all the while starting this new journey of self-discovery. JoMell is still in shock, who the hell is this guy? I’m asking the same question but with much less grief and much more joy!
    Love always and forever, 😊😆❤❤❤ Ken

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  4. A very calming and insightful post, Tiffany. It may double as my meditation for the day. 😉 I like the thought of a full, cleansing exhale leading to deeper inspiration of breath and thought.

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