Painted Memories

I painted over my memories of you
sometimes in gold, mostly in blue
I changed my image of you, Picasso
Or maybe it was more like Matisse

Jagged edges, or displaced features
all in 3-D. Maybe some Van Gogh or Dali, too.
I’m learning now how not to paint over you

doing my best to keep it all as was
washing away the black washes
memories held in small swaths

hard to be a true witness of my truth
when i change the past and how i feel
about what happened based on
current circumstances

allowing the memories to remain
just as they were without being tainted
by the emotions that swirl and twirl
like snow in a globe,
around my paintings of you.

image: google

10 thoughts on “Painted Memories

  1. This is wonderfully insightful post, Tiffany! ❤ I suspect we all look back and see things differently…hard not to rewrite history. Then again, it is a challenge to see the truth even when we are in the moment. Even as a moment unfurls we are filtering through our biased lens of the present and our perception may not be the truth. You got me thinking on this one! 🙂

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    • Yes, I agree Michael, that we are always filtering. Awareness and self-love clear the lenses. This is a pattern I had seen before and thought was broken. I recently saw how black wash had distorted my memories of someone’s face. It was a moment for me to wake up. I also saw how distorting my memories also robbed me of my experiences. In that jaded state, I learned less as well. I was thus condemning myself to repeat the same mistakes.
      Glad you gained something from the post.

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