Loving Fearlessly

Dear Tiffany,

Love is about loving even when it’s scary and even if it is not reciprocated. It’s not about walking away just because it’s (seemingly) one-sided; unrequited.

As heart breaking as this sounds… it’s about being present and allowing while detaching oneself from the hope that there could be more. Even if it hurts to stay, it would hurt more to walk away.

To love only with the promise of it being returned is a condition. “I will only love you if you love me,”isn’t Love, dear Tiffany.

So go forward and love fearlessly, without condition. Allow love to invade all aspects of your heart. Only then can you be free.


Your Heart

PS You can only gain from that which you actually invest and what you build now creates inroads for the future.


Painting: Leonid Afremov “Tango of Passion” via Google

28 thoughts on “Loving Fearlessly

  1. I love these love letters you write to youself, like a friend sharing a nugget of truth with a best friend, on several levels. So much truth in so few words! And then a perfect illustration to boot. Gorgeous, like you! ❤ Barney

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    • Michael, thank you! Yes, your intuition is spot on. There was quite a breakthrough for me right before I penned this piece. Beforehand, there was a good bit of resistance on my part in both seeing and accepting this concept or that I could possibly be blocking against love.
      I’m hoping to do a part II in the next week or so when the time is right. This new awareness has been life changing.
      Re the image, I love this artist’s paintings. The energy in each one is palpable. This one has so much passion it has always called out to me. ❤️

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      • I’m definitely sensing that passion in the image too and not surprised a sexy, sensual woman like yourself is drawn to it. ❤ Looking forward to part II. It would be interesting to revisit this post in a few months and share some of your reflections on this journey. There will be little wins…perhaps some big wins…and maybe some minor setbacks. Regardless, it feels like positive energy and light <3:-*

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