Breathing & Allowing

Fear is an emotional state of being. When we allow our fears (anger, jealousy, sadness, shame, etc) to run their course through us, we become free from them in that moment and the moments that follow.

Breathing through the experience while feeling the emotions allows us to come to a place of peace after the wave peaks and the tides ebb again.

Our emotions, when allowed, rise and fall just as the tides. We cannot hold the waters in. While we can erect dams, but these just block the free flow of the rivers…keeping the emotions in. 

Ever notice how the word motion is in emotion? Feelings, like our bodies, are meant to move!

Allowing and breathing grants the emotions to access to the exit. Feel as much of your body as you allow the emotions to move through… Then get up and move your body, too!

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7 thoughts on “Breathing & Allowing

  1. Tiffany, your recent posts have been amazing to me. It’s like you are writing a handbook for us on all the finer points of Emotional Alchemy. Thank you! I know this only comes as a result of some really hard work and some serious analysis. Again, Thank you! 😃❤️ Barney

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  2. I thought of you this weekend when I got some bad news. I felt a little silly for being so upset but I just let it happen, thinking Tiffany would say this is good. Lol. Thanks! I feel a lot better about the situation now. ❤️

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