The Law of Returns


If we want more then we need to be willing to give more.

Want someone to love you? Love that person first. If everyone is waiting for the other to step forward, then no one does.

To gain trust, trust others and yourself more. Be vulnerable to those you want to be vulnerable to you.

Feel like everyone protects themselves in armor, where are you guarding against love?

Feel that someone is cheating you, where are you cheating that person or, better yet, yourself?

We can only receive the things that we are also willing to give.

Shame – “Something is wrong with me”& Guilt – “I did something wrong” block our ability to give and to receive. Where do you feel these emotions? Dig deeply and investigate fully. The rewards you will reap will bestow you with a new light on life.

Feeling abandoned? Where have you abandoned yourself?

Feeling punished? Where are you punishing yourself?

Personally, I believe sinning is where we have turned away from Love. If you believe yourself to be a sinner, where have you turned away from Yourself? If you struggle with this answer, then a quick GPS is: Where did your caregivers not love you enough? 

Breathe through and be with whatever comes up. Emotions want to move, not stay stuck within you. Allow them to exit. You no longer need to suffer, Dear One. It’s okay to not feel okay. The pain is temporary when we allow it to leave.


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5 thoughts on “The Law of Returns

  1. Love this, too! I had to begin with forgiveness. Actually…I had to believe I was worth forgiving…

    I believe what you’ve written to be true! Look inward, first. Only then can we receive.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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