34 thoughts on “Sacred 1:4

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! You are sacred and precious and valuable and worthy of respect, from yourself and others, All of you, body soul, mind and spirit. Someone to be honored and cherished!
    My God Tiffany, you are so very,very special, I can’t help but believe that your special someone will find you. You keep up your work on yourself and He will see and recognize this and how truly special you are and that will draw him in. Love the recording, to hear your voice, Did you feel particularly confident when you recorded this?because you sound particularly radiant and beautiful! I feel the smile on your heart! ❤️🌺☀️ Barney

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      • My reply was lost…not sure what happened. Have you stumbled pretty lady? 😦 I was really drawn to where you spoke of protecting the softest essences of your body. Yours to protect, balance…but also to celebrate. This space exists independent of acknowledgment or validation from a lover. <3:-*

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      • Yes, Michael, I agree this space is independent of a lover. 😉
        And it seems whenever you write me about being balanced, I soon go through another level of deep (and sometimes painful) introspection. Not from your words, but from life’s circumstances. And this is *not* to say that I need you to stop. The deep introspection brings about a new and more balanced perspective 😉

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      • So sorry life keeps throwing curve balls. I admire how you feel it all with such depth while also commanding the ability to think through it all and find meaning. You are a beautiful soul… ❤

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      • Michael, thank you for your continued support (that’s not meant to sound like a Bartle & James commercial). Honestly, I appreciate your presence in my life, even at a distance. With each curve ball, I begin to see a different aspect of myself…through this process, i have loosened again another layer of shame that was binding me. it’s a tough ride and yet, with each release, i become more free and the shadow has less control over me. today, i have a new lease on life that i did not have this morning when i awoke. i wish i could say it is easy to feel like my wounds are constantly being poked. yet i’m finding that by sharing this process of continual rebirth, others are learning to heal their shame. just now to keep more sacred the softest parts that are easily lost in the frost…
        Michael, know that it means a lot that to me that you follow and comment. The words escape me. =) Have a great weekend! :-*


    • Yes, ma’am! So lovely to have you chime in! I’ve been reading less lately, working through a lot of dross. I always love your work & beautiful smile. Hopefully you’re staying cool in this heat! Sorry that I love it, well, maybe not sorry =)

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      • I have too (well, even less), but I thought of you. I honestly wish I had the time to read it all, you are always poignant, with many heartfelt messages. Always my true pleasure to stop by here. Hugs to you sweet lady. xo ❤

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