Faith increases the number of waves of possibilities and allows us to see more of them. Gratitude for what we do have opens our hearts to more ways of seeing and being. 

Believing in only one possible solution closes down and blinds us to alternatives.

So how can we each have more faith and open our eyes to the greatness that surrounds each of us?

The news focuses on the negative, thus watching it narrows our focus, takes us off our emotional centers and puts us in fear…

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16 thoughts on “Possibilities

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  1. Practice kindness in our daily interactions with others, as we do so we are less and less likely to be offended by those we come in contact with and will find it easier to be king. If I constantly look for negative, I will find it everyehere and the day goes down hill quickly, kinda like the way the news affects our outlook.

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  2. We live each day as though it’s the only one we have left, we live with no regrets and in the moment, not looking back but looking ahead with a grateful and positive heart. And yes, we stay away from the news! Hugs xo

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