chasing the vanishing point

there is a point in time
just out of my reach
that i find myself
chasing continually.

i seem to rush and race,
lowering my head
hunching my shoulders
in an attempt to catch it.

the point is crafty,
forever just a step ahead.
it’s elusiveness leaves
me feeling depleted.

in an attempt to capture it
i ignore the present, the
moment of my greatest power.
yet i miss the point, again & again.

life is to be lived in the
here & now.
true power is living
in the present.

today, tired of chasing
the point, i beckoned it
during meditation to
join with me.

showing the point,
once elusive and unyielding,
its new place within my
heart’sย chambers.

now i am the point
of my own life.
this may sound selfish,
yet is it incredibly empowering!

please, now
won’t you join me?
the water is
quite lovely =)


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17 thoughts on “chasing the vanishing point

  1. Love this! Kay is right, not selfish at all. Can’t experience life if we are not present, I escaped reality intentionally for so long to avoid the pain but at a great cost. I’ll always be a dreamer to some degree but now I would rather be present even when it hurts. Now I know how to breathe! How to get to the light on the other side. ๐Ÿ˜Š Barn

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